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With the purpose of providing an effective counseling to allow for the best development of your businesses at a worldwide level, at Celimex S.A:

  • We provide for professional support during the different stages of the business operations of import and export.
  • We detect business opportunities for the placement of products from the region in the international market, establishing relationships with different provincial, national and international entities.
  • We offer counseling on the logistics necessary for the goods produced in this area to be shipped in the most efficient way, in due time and form.
  • We articulate a multi-modal cargo system in the place of production, allowing for an efficient handling personally controlled by the producer or manufacturer, accelerating logistics processes, with a great efficiency, speed, safety, and with no surprise additional costs.

Our Services:
  • Market studies: business opportunities.
  • Coordination of integral logistics.
  • Coordination of international cargoes (air – maritime – land).
  • Consulting services.
  • Preparation of special projects.