Primary Zone
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Primary Customs Zone


Celimex S.A., Logistics Center for Import and Export, is located on a 44,500-square-meter plot of land, which comprises: a Registration Protection Section and a General Bonded Warehouse, both authorized in the year 2008 by the Customs General Inspection Board, allowing for the dispatch of import and export operations; a Tracking Yard and a Merchandise Checking Area, supplemented by a consolidated entrance with the respective Access and Control Gate. Furthermore, the General Bonded Warehouse has a surveillance system with state-of-the-art cameras equipped with night vision devices, anti-vandalism domes, an intrusion alarm system and fire sensors.

This building complex is provided with a lifted reinforced concrete platform for the storage of containers, the loading and unloading of goods outdoors, a trucking and parking yard, and the building with the technical offices of Celimex S.A. and of the Cooperativa de Parques Industriales “La Victoria” Ltda. (COPAIN). Besides, the building also has offices used for the job of the Customs Guards, the SENASA [National Service for Agrifood Health and Quality] staff and other national officials.
The place is provided with lighting, parking lots, trees, signs, pavements, compacted entrances and control gates framing the site, with the technology necessary to provide the best comfort and effectiveness for the services being rendered.

The Primary Customs Zone generates a strong incentive for the exporter profile of the region, granting companies remarkable advantages in terms of time and cost for import and export operations.

The logistics component of foreign trade is, within the competitive process, one of the essential development factors; therefore, the use of customs centers represent, for local companies, potential earnings in the value added attraction, favoring the positioning of regional and local products in the international market.